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Cal Rad Forum operated from 1983 until 2010.
This unmaintained website remains as an archive.

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LLRW Compacts

Southwestern Compact
Appalachian Compact
Atlantic Interstate Compact
Northwest Interstate Compact
Midwest Interstate Compact
Rocky Mountain Compact
Central Interstate Compact
Northeast Compact
Southeast Compact

LLRW Disposers, Brokers, Processors & Treatment Companies

EnergySolutions - Barnwell, South Carolina LLRW Disposal Facility
EnergySolutions - Clive, Utah LLRW Disposal Facility
US Ecology
Radiation Service Organization, Inc.

Professional Societies and Industry Associations

American College of Nuclear Medicine
American Nuclear Society
American Academy of Health Physics
Health Physics Society
Electric Power Research Institute
Nuclear Energy Institute
LLW Forum
California Institute

Other Useful Information

Periodic Table - WebElements Radiation Safety Resources
Chart of the Nuclides - Brookhaven Radiation Safety Software
ISU Radiation Information Network Radiation Cleanup Standards
Nick's World Collection of Radiation Links Radiation Risk
DOE ETEC Closure Project Rad Pro Calculator On-line

Federal, State and International Resources

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
US Department of Energy
US Environmental Protection Agency
National Cancer Institute
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
California Department of Public Health - Radiologic Health Branch
International Radiation Protection Agency

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